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Biologically appropriate dog treats and chews delivered to your home

Why Choose Hakuna Matata?

We use human-grade ingredients to prepare nutritious treats for your dog.
We use single or minimum ingredients in our recipes with zero chemicals, additives, or preservatives.
All our treats are hand made in small batches to maintain freshness and nutritious value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?

We offer biologically appropriate dog treats and chews, as well as other selected K9 Enrichment products. Our products generally fall under four categories

1- Treats and chews: all our treats and chews are biologically appropriate, using human grade ingredients and made in small batches to maintain maximum nutrition.

2- Indulgences: We understand that a healthy lifestyle should not prevent occasional indulgences. That’s why we make amazing dog safe cakes and donuts to celebrate your pup’s birthday, gotchaday or any other occasion.

3- Skincare products: We offer a line of organic, all natural skincare products to keep your pup’s skin and coat healthy and pretty.

4- K9 Enrichment products: We select and offer a range of accessories, garments, feeders and toys that adds value to your pup and enrich your life together.

Are your products natural and organic?

All our products are natural, chemicals, preservatives, and additives free. We use some organic ingredients but our products are not organically certified. We try to create a balance between quality and affordability, so we use premium human grade ingredients to give your dog the best possible nutrition at an affordable price.

What is the loyalty and referral program?

We want to treat you for treating your pup, so we created a referral and loyalty program that rewards you with points that you can redeem for purchases on our site.

Referral program:

  • 250 points when you refer someone to our site, you will get
  • Extra 200 points when your friend make their first purchase.

Loyalty program:

Because no good deed shall go unpunished, you will get

  • 500 points when you register an account.
  • 500 points for every review you give us.
  • 1 point for every QAR 1 you spend on our site. 

You can redeem your points with fabulous products whenever you want. Every 100 points can be redeemed for QAR 1.


How do I get your products?

it's very simple:

1- Open an account to benefit from our loyalty and referral points.

2- Browse our shop and add the products you like to cart.

3- Check out and you will receive an order confirmation. Our team will contact you to confirm delivery within 2 days.

At the moment, we only accept cash on delivery but we are working on our payment solutions for your convenience.

What People are saying?

Love in a bite

HMpets’ treats have been a part of Blanco's life for a very long time. The treats never disappoint him, he is always hungry for more and Faten always delivers clean ingredient treats 😍 ! In a way, they shape his personality and appetite and give him the motivation to be a good boy. It's safe to say that HMpets is the love of his life 😂🤍

Fadwa taha

Genuinely caring

Faten at HM Pets isn’t just an expert in what she does, she genuinely cares for animals and for her customers. Lottie has had a few problems and we think we’ve identified her issues with being stress-related that can cause flare-ups. Faten has been great in offering extra support and advice and some products to cater specifically to dogs like Lottie. The quality of products and the love that goes into making the products make them so much more than just chew. It’s a product you can trust and know is safe and nutritious for your pets. The customer service you receive is nothing like you get from a large company or anything in Doha. Being a pet owner in Qatar can be a huge struggle; we have a lot less choice and lower quality to pick from, but HM Pets has changed that. They’ve brought back a little bit of normality and choice and it gives our furbabies something to look forward to when we get their delivery. We love the range of treats and chews that HM Pets offer and we love that new product are brought out on regular occasions! If you’re looking for chews and products that are 5* then we highly recommend Hakuna Matata.

Crysta Davis

Quality and convenience

Sheru absolutely loves the treats and chews by @hmpets and he absolutely would do anything for it. Hakuna Matata is a home-based business in Qatar focusing on the production and selling of natural, fresh and healthy dog treats!⁠⠀ Faten used to make these homemade treats for her own adopted dog and then started getting requests from her friends with dogs and that’s how the dog treats business started in Doha. I love that they have no added sugar, colorants, or artificial preservatives, and are all made with fresh natural single-ingredients, and are priced reasonably. So much better price and quality-wise from the dog treats and the synthetic chews you get in the market. ⁠⠀ Sheru’s favorites are the dehydrated Chicken wings, duck feet, chicken, and beef jerky! We order via the website and it’s delivered to our home, so super convenient too!

Shehar Bano

Delicious Treats

My fur baby loves Hakuna Matata treats because they are delicious.

Julie Gorgious

All Time Fave Treats

Rocky's all time fav treats, chews, cakes and donuts.. Needless to say you have always been there to answer all our doubts and help us give the best to our lil one. There maybe many XYZ options in the market and more but we cant think anything else or anybody else other than Hakuna Matata dog treats ... Thank you forever and hope you come up with more and more for our babies ❤️❤️ All the best.

Anjana Arun

Thank You For The Healthy Treats & Chews!

Thank you for your healthy treats and chews Faten! For a picky eater like Gucci🐶, it needs only a food topper (of treats) to solve the problem and the DAILY drama. 😂 Hence, need to stock up every time! Kippy🐱 would ALWAYS be by Gucci's side during meal time as he gets to have his treats too. Their favorites are buffalo and chicken jerky.. 🥰 Chews makes their teeth clean and also keeps them busy. I remember the first paw cake we ordered from you for Gucci’s 1st bday in 2016 and until now, he’s still a fan! So proud and happy for you Faten!

Michelle Nebres

Sophie Loves Her Treats

I love that Hakuna Matata treats are organic! Zero preservatives or chemicals! I don’t have to think twice before treating Sophie. It’s excellent as a food topper or while training. The chews keeps her teeth shiny, squeaky clean and her brain calm 😃

Parizad Batty
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