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Frozen KONG Recipe That My Dogs Love!

Frozen Kongs are a great enrichment toy especially with the weather warming up. Kong toys come in a variety of styles suited for everyone from puppies to super aggressive chewers.

With few steps, you can turn any Kong into a super interesting K9 enrichment activity.

This frozen Kong recipe is a hit with my dogs, and I wanted to share it so you can try it with yours, so here’s how I prepare it:⁠

Layer 1: Tantalizer⁠

Close the small end of your Kong, and insert something super tasty like our peanut butter, and place the kong in freezer for 20 minutes to make sure the whole is closed.⁠

Layer 2: Dessert⁠

Next, take out from the freezer and fill the smallest third of the Kong with treats, fruits or veggies: Here I used a mix of pumpkin puree, lamb liver treats, and blueberries.⁠

Layer 3: Main Course⁠

Stuff the last two-thirds of the Kong with lightly cooked beef mince and raw quail egg (without the shell).⁠

Layer 4: Appetizer⁠

Add a handle to the Kong to make it a bit easier for your dog to enjoy: Duck feet and Beef jerky are good examples. Add more peanut butter or yogurt to seal the Kong and hold the Handle in place. ⁠

Now place your Kong in the freezer overnight and serve frozen!⁠


Place your Kong in a long (Ikea) Tupperware or empty yogurt container with the larger hole of the Kong facing up. This will ensure that any wet or liquid ingredients you used don’t make a mess of your freezer!

Have you tried these stuffed Kong before? Share your recipe with us, our dogs would love to try it out.

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