LickiMat dog slow feeder enrichment toyLickiMat dog slow feeder enrichment toy



K9 Enrichment Lick Mat with suction cups

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LickiMat slow feeder is an enrichment toy for dogs and cats, like puzzle toys. It is designed for you to apply a dog-friendly snack, like peanut butter, soft banana, or yogurt to the mat to encourage your dog to lick it up.

Food-motivated dogs will become determined to lick up the last bit of treat, while the repetitive licking provides a calming effect that is generally soothing to dogs and can also be helpful to distract pets from anxiety-inducing situations, such as thunderstorms and fireworks.

And, of course, the toy simply keeps pets busy for a while as it helps to stave off boredom, or you can use the suction cups to fix it on the wall during a bath to distract the dog and ease the stress of taking a bath.


Suction Cups: The lickiMat is manufactured with very powerful suction cups that can stick to tile, porcelain, or glass. Perfect to fix on a wall during a bath or on a car window for a vet trip.

Dishwasher Safe: This LickiMat is quite simple to clean. Simply peel off the wall or floor and wash it in the dishwasher – top wrack – or by hand.

Made of 100% premium, food-grade silicone.

Always supervise your dog or cat while using the LickiMat, and remove once they finish using it.


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